On the 4th of June, 2013

June 4, 2013 § 6 Comments

No, this isn’t a poem or a short story. Yet. :)


This blog entry is all about today. Today, being an awesome day.


So… on to the enumeration of factors that make today something worth writing about:


1. I was able to reunite with my co- JENESYS (Japan East-Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths) friends from Baguio and Benguet. 

I went to Japan last May 2012 for a two week program in Japan called “JENESYS“. It was sponsored by the Japanese government and our batch had the theme “Disaster Risk Management and Prevention”, focusing on the Great East Japan Earthquake and the 3/11 Disaster. I learned so much from the whole experience. I’ll probably tell the whole story in another post. :)



“Fantastic Fukuoka”
Top row: Eduard Narciso, Topher Reyes, Patrick Angara, Florence Carolino, Mariz Canda Go, Fathma Minaga, Tina Adorable, Armie Gutierrez, Emil Lim, Kevin Carig, Jife Portillas, Brian Fabregas, John Paul Oira
Bottom row: Dave Alvarez, Trisha Esperanza (:D), Mark Razonable, Jenica Dizon, Cassandra Giselle Gaas, Ma’am Ging Darroca, Sir Dens Pena, Raxiey Adolfo, Justina Valeros, Angelli Estillore, Kissel Cablayda, Junesse Crisostomo

For the program, our batch of 98 students was divided into four groups. This picture is of ours, the Fukuoka group. We visited Fukuoka (of course, hence the name) and took this picture together in front of the Kyushu Museum. It was a chance to bond with youths from different universities across the Philippines, and in the end we were like one huge family. :)



“The Baguio-Benguet Youth Ambassadors”
Guys: Vince Navarro, Jayvee Dacumos, Kevin Bumahit, Rex Nario, Erjo Coscolluela
Girls: Trisha Esperanza, Marviguel Cayat
Missing (xD): Jasmin Tosay

This was the picture we (the Baguio-Benguet Youth Ambassadors– couldn’t think of a more original name) took together last year. I love these guys. Together, we were able to accomplish so much. Last year after we arrived back home, we started planning and conducting seminars and forums and even an exhibit, showcasing everything we learned in Japan. We were even recognized by JICE– a very pleasant surprise for us.



Together Again :D
Jasmin, Erjo, Rex, Vince, Trisha, Jayvee, Kevin
Missing: Marvi (Miss you! ^_^)

And then there was today. We met and talked and laughed and reminisced and spent time catching up on each other’s lives. We ate pizza and pasta and drank mango shakes, then went to an awesome Book Cafe  and had mint chocolate shakes and coffee and stuff. After not seeing each other for so many months, it was just so good to be with them again. :)

Also, because of our conversations– which ranged from the economy of the US and Japan to coffee beans to some orange dude to leftover pizza– I realized I want to continue applying for more programs. I guess learning about people and cultures is just one of my passions. ^_^


So we’re done with the first factor. Now on to the next:


2. It is the 19th wedding anniversary of two amazing people.


Said people and their daughter :D

Happy anniversary to my awesome parents! <3


They’ve been together through thick and thin (and me, of course– probably worse than thick and thin combined xD). Wait, I just realized that afterthought didn’t really make sense. Thick and thin combined?

Well, anyway.

They are amazing parents.

I am so blessed by them, and every single day I thank God for letting me have them as my parents. I have no idea how to ever pay them back for everything they’ve done for me.

*Pretend “You Raise Me Up” is playing in the background right now*


Really, though.



Flashback. With hair. Ha. :D

I love these people so much, and I’m so happy they’re mine. (Evil laughter: you’re mine!) xD


They’re mine, and I’m theirs. <3


So yes.

That’s it.


Thank you Lord, for this wonderful day.


Soli Deo gloria.

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