Before You Grow Up

March 9, 2014 § 11 Comments

Again, I’m posting after another long blog-cation (ha.) and neglecting school work (ha. ha.) for about an hour to post this poem and prettify it (ha. ha. ha.). So anyway, enough of my craziness… :D

This is a short and simple poem, but I somehow feel… attached to it. I wrote it just last night for a good friend’s niece, who is just a few months old. I haven’t met her yet but somehow just hearing about her from my friend’s stories is enough to make me go back to my dream of having a sibling. (Being the only child has its perks but I’ve always wanted a brother.) One other thing that made me want to write this for her is her name– a word I have always loved. I truly love words (as I keep repeating :D) and think they’re magical. And this word in particular has always been special to me. Which is why I was ecstatic when my friend told me her name. But anyway, I digress.

Read on. Oh, and before I forget… I’m making this a mini-game. I’m not going to mention her name. The clue is in the poem and the picture. Mwahahahaha. And whoever guesses it right in the comments has the right to recommend the subject for my next post– which will actually be a big help for me, so thank you in advance. The more challenging, the better. :D

Now, really… Read on. :)


Sleep for now, just close your eyes
And dream of lives with bluer skies
‘Cause soon you’ll face a big dark world
And wait on pages still unfurled

You’ll face the dragons in your sleep
And conquer kingdoms beneath your feet
You’ll meet the nightmares that you fear
And crush the monsters that draw near

You’ll feel the ground under your shoes
And live like you’ve nothing left to lose
You’ll gaze at stars and watch them shine
You’ll dance until the end of time

But until then, you’re safe and sound
No enemies, no fears around
Surrounded by a cloud of love
Watched over by eyes high above 

So sleep for now and close your eyes
And dream of worlds with brighter skies.

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